moving to the country…gonna eat me a lot of peaches…

There comes a time in every man’s life when he asks himself “now that I have partied at Keith Richards table, jammed with Mick Taylor and chased Mick Jagger up a flight of stairs…is my work here finally done?”

…and so, after 17 rollercoaster years of “having it large” in that there London town, it is with mixed emotions that me and the Kat woman have decided  that it’s time to wind down this particular party and head for the hills.

Yes, that’s right folks….I’m coming home.  London is a great place to live life to the full, but it’s a crap place for starting a family and the the constant hassle of working your arse off every day just to keep  a roof over your head can become rather overbearing at times.  We figure it’s time to take our foot off the gas (a little bit)….and put down some roots, because apparently, I’m not a teenager anymore and it’s really about time I considered popping out a couple of ankle biters while I can still run up a flight of stairs and wipe my own bottom.

So let it finally be known, that on January 31st 2013…we’re moving back to Scotland!  We’ve found an idylic 18th century cottage about 15 miles west of Edinburgh with a gorgeous garden (Koi carp in the pool!), 3/4 of an acre of private woodland, a separate art studio/office and best of all….a workshop that I am going to turn into a fully functioning recording studio/rehearsal space!

Oh….and there is the small matter of taking over the business that also comes with the house.  Somewhat unbelievably, we willl also be running a Cattery!  We’re gonna be crazy cat country people….with two chickens….henrietta and pricilla.

I know….crazy the coconuts.

Weirdly we’re also keeping our jobs.  I’ll be continuing to do design work for my clients in London, but without it being my only source of income, and Kat will be working 3 days a week for her current employer, but on different aspects of the business that can be done remotely.

The rest of the time we’ll be cleaning up cat shit, making a racket (NO NEIGHBOURS!!!), painting pictures and generally doing things we enjoy.

So I’m warning you now, people of Edinburgh.  I bore easily and will require regular beer related stimulation….especially at the weekends!  Looking forward to seeing you all again.

And people of London – the hardest part about leaving the big smoke is leaving you guys behind.  It’s been an absolute pleasure.  On the plus side….our new home is only 20 minutes from Edinburgh Airport….and I’m expecting to be popping down whenever the urge strikes.  So you’ll be sick of me again in no time.  Also…open invitation to come stay anytime you want….we have many bedrooms.

Here’s a couple of pics of the new pad.



workshop  – this will be renovated into a very groovy recording studio/rehearsal space

studio workshop

car port and view of art studio and recording studio out buildings

rear patio garden

the back garden….and view!front cattery2

cattery – outdoor penscattery

cattery main building and sun trap

art studio

art studio/office

Right….with that finally out of the way, I shall bid you all a cracking new year….I’m going to pour a stiff drink, put on my rolling stones belt buckle and take a couple of super hot chicks out to the blues kitchen rolling stones party in Camden, where I will eat my own body weight in ribs before partying like a loony for my final new year in London……for a while anyway.  Well…it would be rude not to eh?

mwah xx

  1. Cherie said:

    Blimey! Did not expect that! I thought I was having a crazy day when I got the last tray of dips in M&S foodhall…

    • I know…but change is good and I think I’m done down here for now. You realise of course that this means you’re going to have to become one of my new drinking buddies! Dems da rules.

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